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Welcome to Western Drum Recyclers Ltd.

Western Drum Recyclers Ltd. in BC is a Transport Canada approved drum and container reconditioning facility. We are your environmentally responsible solution for your empty drum needs.

We specialize in new and used open top steel drums, which have a removable top held in place by a c-shaped clamp. However, we also handle drums that are:

• Closed Top Steel (new and used)

• Plastic (open top or closed top: new and used)

• Fibre

• Industrial Bulk Containers (IBC’s)

All of our prices are subject to personalized evaluation and quotes based on your individual drum needs.

Sales, Reconditioning and Disposal of Steel Drums

Do You Have Used Paint Drums and Don’t Know Where to Put Them?

Learn More about Our Company Background.

A Key Benefit to Doing Business with Us

A lot of our competitors don't buy drums - they only dispose of them. Western Drum Recyclers Ltd. will look at every individual drum based on its contents and thickness of steel to determine if it is something we will dispose of or possibly purchase from you to resell. This service, which puts money back in your pocket, is unique to this type of business.

Helping Canada Go Green

Our recycling and cleaning services not only benefit you, but also Canada’s green initiatives. If you have empty packaging, we may purchase it or give you a credit towards your future container needs. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Contact Information
Western Drum Recyclers Ltd.
23397 Fisherman Rd.
Maple Ridge, BC V2W 1B9

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